Announcing Grand-Caring Café, a new support group for grandparent caregivers!

Grandparents are invited to a monthly event, the Grand-Caring Café, to connect with their peers and have meaningful conversations with their grandchildren, although the grandchildren are not required to attend. Full Text: Grandparents are invited to join us for: GRAND-CARING CAFÉ Come connect with your peers and share in the understanding of the great work that you do! Bring your grandchildren along for an enjoyable time and meaningful conversation created especially for you. Note: Grandchildren are not required to attend DATE: Dec. 13, Jan. 10, Feb. 14, Mar. 13, Apr 10 (Meets monthly every second Friday)

With the generous support of the Wayne Grey Wilson Foundation we are pleased to announce a new monthly support group, Grand-Caring Café. Grandparent caregivers are invited to come and connect with peers, enjoy meaningful conversation and receive resources to help support them as caregivers of young children.  Grandchildren are not required to attend.