Thank you Active 20-30 Club for Hosting more than 100 children in need

Thank you Active 20-30 Club of Napa #57 for hosting some of our families at your annual Project Santa. The children were overjoyed. Just to quote one family, “the smiles and memories of my daughter opening up those precious gifts are priceless knowing that there are many single moms like myself who are barely making it and doing her very best to help make Christmas that much more special.”

FREE Webinar – Supporting Children in the Aftermath of Disasters, Nov. 28th

Child Care Disaster Response And Recovery Free Webinar Series

The recent natural disasters have brought to light the need for more knowledge on how to support children during disaster response and recovery. This FREE webinar series starts on on September 26th and is intended for child care providers who want to learn more about how to protect their child care businesses and support the children under their care.

For more information and to register go HERE:

Fire Update and Fire Recovery Resources

We are thankful to our community for pulling together to help each other during the Napa fires; thankful for local businesses that provided free meals, accommodations and services to those affected by the fires; thankful for local officials who worked long hours to keep us informed, thankful for first responders from near and far who kept us safe; thankful for volunteers who were so generous with their time, and thankful for donors who were able to help financially! Recovery is going to take a while and the long-term impact of the fires are just now starting to be felt.  Lost wages, unemployment, and housing affordability affects many of the families we serve and remains a concern for the foreseeable future.

Community Resources for Children can help alleviate some of the financial and emotional burdens faced by families and child care providers during difficult times by:

  • Offering child care providers scholarships for health and safety training and working with them to establish emergency plans so that children under their care are safe during a fire, an earthquake, etc.
  • Giving child care providers support and resources about coping with a disaster or traumatic event so that they, in turn, can support the children under their care.
  • Assisting families who need help finding and paying for child care.
  • Offering FREE family activities and access to school readiness programs for children with little or no previous preschool experience.